Putting Race on the Table: An Examination of Racial Equity in 2011


The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region has long believed that equity, access, and opportunity must be afforded to every individual. However, barriers created due to race and racism have disproportionately marginalized communities in the Washington area as well as nationwide.

The Community Foundation has worked for decades to raise awareness of racial inequities in our community and to promote action to reduce them. We believe that a racially equitable society would be one in which the distribution of resources, opportunities, and burdens was not determined or predictable by race. In a racially equitable society, there are no statistical differences in key indicators – such as education, or health, or economic opportunity – based on race. 

That is why since 2004 The Community Foundation has hosted a discussion series entitled, Putting Race on the Table, aimed at fostering frank conversations on race and equity in the Greater Washington region.

The Community Foundation welcomes you to this conversation. By Putting Race on the Table, organizations, communities and individuals can think and act differently to create racial justice and support the ongoing transformation of the Washington metropolitan area.  We've assembled some information and resources to help you learn and connect with effective nonprofits working to reduce racism and the inequities often linked with race and ethnicity in our community. Read more below: