Separately Managed Fund Option

In addition to the investment options offered by the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region

(the “Community Foundation”) a donor may request that the fund assets of their donor advised fund or

designated fund be managed by a specific financial advisor. The Community Foundation’s policies and

guidelines governing these relationships are listed below.



The Community Foundation Separately Managed Funds have a one to one relationship between the

Community Foundation component fund and a specific financial advisor at a specified investment company.



After a donor’s request for a separately managed fund is reviewed and approved by the Community Foundation, a Community Foundation representative will complete account setup documents to create a new separate account in the name and TIN of the Community Foundation at the investment company. The donor’s investable assets of their component fund will be transferred to the new Foundation account. Signatory authority on the account is explicitly limited to officers of the Community Foundation. 


Account Guidelines

  • $100,000 minimum account value.

  • All Investment Consultants managing Separately Managed Funds will be informed of the cash position and cash needs of the fund so as to maintain an appropriate amount of cash or cash equivalents in the investment account.

  • Each Investment Consultant will receive a copy of the Community Foundation’s Combined Investment Fund Investment Policy Statement to guide them in the creation of an Investment Policy Statement for the donor’s new account. Each separately managed account’s Investment Policy Statement must be approved by the Foundation’s CFO. 


For more information:

Starlet Hunter

Director, Corporate and Professional Services 

(202) 263-4763