Beginning on October 1, 2019, we will be increasing our baseline Community Foundation Support Fees for scholarship funds and all non-endowed donor-advised, designated, field of interest, memorial, and disaster relief funds for the first time in 10 years.

Administrative Fee Schedule

A 1.1 % administrative fee is assessed on the fund balance of each fund annually. (For those funds that exceed $3 million in fund balance a sliding fee scale takes effect: 1.1% on the first $3 million, 0.60% on the next $2 million, and 0.35% above $5 million).

Administrative fee assessments generate revenue for The Community Foundation‘s operating expenses. In addition to supporting our fundholders grant requests, this revenue supports The Community Foundation‘s involvement in the region’s philanthropic infrastructure through convening, grantmaking, and community leadership. Currently, administrative fee revenue derived from the below fee scale covers 60% of our operational expense. Direct support to The Community Foundation to support this work is always welcome.

Note: For cases in which a donor requests extraordinary activities, additional charges may be assessed based on the concurrence of both The Community Foundation and the donor.