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Ending homelessness is possible if we work together, and it is a smart investment in our city’s continued diversity and prosperity.

The Partnership to End Homelessness in DC, led by the Greater Washington Community Foundation and the District Government’s Interagency Council on Homelessness, brings together the public and private sectors to advance effective and innovative solutions to increase the supply of supportive housing and expand nonprofit capacity to help our most marginalized neighbors exit homelessness.

The Partnership to End Homelessness works to ensure homelessness is rare, brief, and nonrecurring in Washington, DC.


Through the Partnership, we seek to:

  • accelerate the implementation of the District’s strategies

  • support individuals, families, and youth to exit homelessness and obtain stable housing

  • leverage private philanthropy and align with public resources and strategies, leading to more nimble, strategic and sustained investment in the homeless services system

  • provide a dynamic and broad-based platform for continued resource mobilization and coordination

Guiding Principles

The Partnership uses a collaborative approach guided by the following principles:

Shift the Narrative.

We believe there needs to be a radical shift in the narrative around the issue of homelessness. We serve as a voice for the marginalized through broader donor education, community engagement, and advocacy efforts which address the many factors that can lead to homelessness and the ways our community can more effectively respond.

Advance Data-Driven and Evidence-Based Practices.

We believe that investing in proven practices will deliver the best results. Housing First strategies and Permanent Supportive Housing are examples of the types of evidence-based practices that we support.

Recognize and Address Racial Equity and Inclusion.

We believe historical discrimination and inequity are root causes of homelessness, and they must be acknowledged and addressed in order to drive systems change. We advocate for policies that promote equitable access to housing, education, and employment opportunities.

Encourage Innovation.

We believe that private philanthropy is well-suited to test new solutions which can be brought to scale. We fund emerging ideas and promising practices with the potential to meet the evolving needs of people experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless.

Invest in Advocacy Efforts.

We believe that both direct investment and advocacy are necessary tools in affecting change. We advocate for systems change and improvement in homeless services, housing and policymaking.

Build and Strengthen Capacity.

We believe the solution requires more resources and increased capacity for housing developers and homeless service providers. We commit to expanding our community’s capacity to address homelessness by investing in nonprofit service providers, nonprofit and mission-driven developers, and advocacy organizations, as well as building the financial investment tools and strategies that can lead to lasting change.