the future of work


Preparing workers and entrepreneurs to build the skills and resources they need to succeed in our region’s changing economy.

As our region grows and adapts to a changing global economy, local employers increasingly demand a higher level of skill and knowledge from workers. Thousands in our region are unemployed, under-employed, or stuck in low-wage employment because they lack tools and training. We will continue our work to eliminate income gaps, especially those based on race or ethnicity, and advocate for fair wages, portable benefits, and state of the art workforce systems. Ultimately, we aim to connect workers to career pathways and industry-recognized credentials to help them enter and advance in their careers, build skills, and increase wages.

Broader Foundation and Donor Interests

Career pathways and advancement opportunities

Adult education, training and credentials

Income inequality

Workforce development programs

Wealth-building, entrepreneurship and small business

Portable benefits

Research and advocacy


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