The Young Professional Advisors Committee (YPAC) is an arm of outreach within the Greater Washington Community Foundation’s professional advisor network. Our members are the next generation, partnering to expand and deepen philanthropic influence in our region. With $30 trillion estimated to transfer from baby boomers to their beneficiaries in the next thirty years, and altruism increasingly important to this newest generation, philanthropy will play a huge role in this transfer of wealth. Being educated and active in philanthropy will prove instrumental to our preparation for this transition. In the years ahead, the YPAC will function as both a powerful branch of the Greater Washington Community Foundation and a beneficial resource to young professionals in the region.

Executive Board

Anthony Cortina, CFP®, RMB Capital

Joshua Young, CFP®, RMB Capital

Emily Davis, Greater Washington Community Foundation

Martina McCabe, Andersen Tax

Justin DeVault, Shulman Rogers