We make it easy and effective for you to support the causes you love. Get the most out of your charitable giving experience by working with our team and using our tools. It's good for you, it's good for your community, and it's good for the world.

Setting up your own named charitable giving fund is easy, rewarding, and doesn’t require great wealth.

The Greater Washington Community Foundation manages funds of all sizes and shapes, from a minimum of $10,000 to tens of millions of dollars. For a modest management fee, we help grow your fund through sound investments and work with you to distribute your charitable gifts to qualified nonprofit organizations that matter to you. We also research nonprofit organizations, so that you can know that the charity you’re supporting is well-run, in compliance with IRS rules and regulations, and that your donation will make an impact.

Whether you need a one-stop repository to track your historical philanthropic giving or a philanthropic partner to work with you to achieve your philanthropic goals, the Greater Washington Community Foundation is the region's go-to resource. 

three ways to impact our region ...

+ Donate to Our Changemakers

The Greater Washington Community Foundation is home to initiatives that spark change, dialogue, and policy in our region. Make a donation today to support:

The Fund for Greater Washington

The Resilience Fund


+ Open Your Own Fund

Working with the Greater Washington Community Foundation helps you give charitably to the areas and causes you care about without the workload of running a private foundation.

Charitable Fund Options

Download a sample fund agreement to see how easy it is to create your own fund.

+ Plan Your Legacy

A planned gift through the Greater Washington Community Foundation can generate lasting support for causes that are important to you. The Community Foundation works with donors and/or their financial advisors to establish charitable gifts including:

LIQUID ASSETS: Cash, credit card, or publicly traded securities can easily be used to add philanthropic resources to a Fund.

COMPLEX ASSETS: Closely held stock, real estate, or other real assets.

Click here to learn more about our planned giving services. To discuss your options with a member of our team, please contact Rebecca Rothey or Joanne Pipkin at (202) 955-5890.

donor stories



The Rosenfelds opened their donor-advised fund at The Community Foundation in 2007. Last year, they decided to expand their impact by investing in Greater Washington. 


Manuel R. Geraldo



Agnes Chapman worked in the Department of Veterans Affairs and was a longtime resident of Washington, DC. When she passed away in 2011, at the age of 98, she left in her will over $1 million to provide social services and educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth and children in the city.   |   READ MORE




You're supporting your favorite causes in lots of ways. Volunteering, serving on boards, donating food and clothing, celebrating at events, and purchasing products that support a cause are just a few of the ways you are making a difference in the lives of others. At the center of your philanthropy is charitable giving. By working with us and setting up your own fund, you can organize and maximize your financial support of charitable organizations.


Philanthropy is an important part of your family's traditions and values. You enjoy involving your children and grandchildren in your charitable giving. Not only do you want to deepen those intergenerational connections, but you also are committed to leaving a legacy to your children, grandchildren, and community. You can do all of this through planning and tools to continue support of the causes you love. That's exactly what our team will help you do.   




The rise of social media and a growing focus on community impact in our society means that we are now living in a social impact culture. Today's business leaders are excited about the growth opportunities made possible because of the social impact culture mindset of their employees and customers. By establishing a corporate fund, you can work with our team to organize and celebrate your company's financial support of its favorite causes. 

Government Agencies

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