The Community Foundation’s D.C. Office of Donor Engagement works closely with individuals, families, and businesses to match donor intent with community opportunity to create deeper local impact. We serve an important role in the District of Columbia as a bridge between generous individuals, government and business organizations, and local nonprofit organizations.

Sharing D.C. is a strategic, donor-led funding process for generous residents of the District. Sharing D.C. facilitates education and civic engagement around local issues and encourages more residents and businesses to “give where they live.” Individuals come together to learn, first-hand, about the challenges facing Washington’s most vulnerable residents and engage in a grant review process for investing in organizations that are working to make a difference in the lives of children and families in the District of Columbia.  With staff facilitating an annual vetting and site visit process, Sharing D.C.’s donor-led grants committee evaluates each applicant’s program, management, and leadership to make sure it is the best possible investment. Last year, Sharing D.C. donors awarded over $150,000 in grants to community-based nonprofit organizations addressing the critical needs of D.C. residents. Click here to learn more.

Sharing DC Committee Members

Laura Stone
Vivian Brodsky
Lisa Camalier
Beverley Carlson
Mary Lynn Ernstthal
Patricia Fagen
Marina Fanning
Thelma Leenhouts
Renee Licht

Joseph MacDoniels
Richard Massey
Karen Mayers
Jenean McKay
Marian Osterweis
Marc Rosenbaum
Gail Schonfeld
Richard Snowdon, III
Linda Weitz
Steven Weitz