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JOin The Partnership

There are several ways for you, as an individual or part of an organization, to get involved in the Partnership.

+ Educate

Commit to learning more about what it is like for people experiencing homelessness, the root causes and effective solutions.

Corporate Partners, Donors and Funders: Participate in our donor education series to hear from experts on topics such as applying a racial equity lens, family homelessness, chronic homelessness and more. Contact Angela Willingham, our Associate Vice President of Development, to learn more.

+ Participate

Contribute your time and talent to help the Partnership and our nonprofit partners to accelerate our community’s response.

Corporate Partners, Donors and Funders:

  • Take part in site visits to local nonprofits addressing homelessness and housing related issues. The Community Foundation offers its donors and corporate partners the opportunity to visit dozens of nonprofits throughout the year. Contact us to learn more.
  • Engage your employees in the solution by organizing volunteer events or giving employees paid time off to volunteer. The Community Foundation can help with developing your company’s employee giving and engagement program. Here’s one example.
  • Adjust your hiring practices to make them more inclusive for potential applicants. This could be as simple as not requiring an address on a job application or providing internships, apprenticeships and training to help aspiring applicants get a foot in the door.

+ Advocate

Lend your voice as an advocate for more funding and focus on housing as a solution to address homelessness.

  • Invite others to join the Partnership by sharing what you learn about homelessness with your friends, colleagues and family. Keep this key issue top-of-mind. Share your support of the Partnership on social media using the hashtag #EndHomelessnessDC.
  • Get involved in advocacy initiatives such as the Way Home Campaign, DC Alliance for Youth Advocates, DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
  • Speak out at community hearings, call your representative, and tell other public officials that funding homeless services and affordable housing matters to you.

Corporate Partners, Donors and Funders:

  • Call your local representatives and speak out at community meetings such as Council, zoning or other hearings to make the business case for more funding for homeless services and affordable housing.
  • Write articles, op-eds or letters to the editor to share your commitment to and investments in addressing homelessness and affordable housing.

+ Donate

Invest financially in the Partnership to advance innovative and effective solutions to end homelessness and help more of our neighbors obtain stable housing.

Visit our Donation Page to learn more.

Corporate Partners, Donors and Funders:

  • Speak with Angela Willingham, our Associate Vice President of Development, about how your business can invest in solutions, including our grantmaking fund and impact investment option.
  • Consider donating your products or services to build the capacity of nonprofit providers helping clients exit homelessness. Nonprofits often need help with business or communications planning, research assistance, updating technology or software, and more.
  • Offer your employees a way to support the Partnership by adding it as an option to your employee giving program via voluntary payroll deductions.

Here’s how our partners are making a difference