Amplifying Philanthropy with Time and Talent

On top of the $75 million our donors gave through The Community Foundation last year, we are proud of the invaluable time, creativity, and viral enthusiasm they invest into their favorite causes.  As we continue our thank-a-thon, we’d like to highlight one inspiring example.

Kevin Beverly

Kevin Beverly

Six years ago, Kevin Beverly (President, Social & Scientific Systems) joined our Sharing Montgomery Grants Committee to learn more about great organizations serving the county.  He signed up for the CollegeTracks site visit to learn more about how it supports hundreds of students trying to navigate the daunting college application process.  Instantly, the visit transported him back to his own college application experience, reminding him how overwhelming it had been and how lucky he was to get help at just the right time. 

Before he knew it, Kevin found himself stepping up to become the Board Chair of CollegeTracks, using his business acumen, skill for strategy, and extensive networks to help expand the program’s reach. Remarkably, when asked how his leadership factored into CollegeTracks’ growth over the last few years, Kevin humbly says that he got much more than he gave. 

To the hundreds of people like Kevin who give time, talent, and treasure, we thank you!  Your generosity is making a profound difference throughout our community.