Three simple ways you can make a difference in our communities

What a difference you have helped make this year! Throughout 2018, you, along with our entire community of givers, have generously helped thousands of students pursue their higher education goals, supported training programs for local workers to enter and advance in their careers, aided our neighbors struggling with housing or food insecurity, expanded enrichment programs for youth, and so much more. The spirit of giving is very strong in the Greater Washington region thanks to your contributions!

Like us, you know that while this progress is encouraging there is still more work to be done to ensure that all our neighbors can benefit from our region’s prosperity and economic growth. If you share our commitment to build thriving communities for all who call our region home, there are three simple ways for you to make a difference right now:

  • Replenish Your Fund at The Community Foundation: One of the many benefits is that you can add to your fund now, claim the charitable deduction on your FY18 tax filing, and make grants at any time you wish. This is especially attractive under the new tax law — using a donor-advised fund you can bundle multiple years’ worth of giving into one year to gain the maximum tax benefits available. Make a contribution.

  • Invest in the Fund for Greater Washington: Your gift is a critical investment in our efforts to Build Thriving Communities by helping our neighbors find pathways out of poverty, deepening culture and human connection, and preparing workers to succeed in our region’s changing economy. It will enable us to lead community impact initiatives which spark change, create dialogue, and influence policies to address the most pressing needs of our communities. Donate now.

  • Contribute to a Collaborative Fund to Make a Deeper Impact Together: Sharing Funds in DC, Montgomery County, and Prince George’s County bring together donors and community leaders to learn about the challenges facing our communities, combine resources, and invest in helping our low-income neighbors achieve economic security. It’s easy to make one gift that touches the lives of thousands right here in our local communities. Contact us to learn more.

As you are conducting your year-end giving, please keep in mind our December 14 deadline for recommending grants to ensure your grantees receive their grants by December 31. You may submit grant recommendations through your DonorCentral account . Feel free to contact Kathy Matthews (202-263-4773 or ) with any questions.

We appreciate your continued partnership and support to build thriving communities that are more equitable, just and vibrant.

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season,
Bruce McNamer
President & CEO